10 Best Line For Walleye Fishing

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What pound line should I use for walleye?

It’s best to have 4 to 6 lbs of live bait. If you want large swimbaits, rattle baits and extra large live bait, you can go up to 8 to 10 lbs. If you’re fishing in clear waters that get a lot of fishing pressure, you need to choose the right pound test line.

Can walleye bite through fishing line?

They won’t bite through your mainline so you don’t need a steel leader. If you want to prevent bite-offs, you can use a fluorocarbon leader instead of steel.

Can you use braid for walleye?

I like to use a lighter jig when pitching it to shallow walleyes because of the Braid’s sensitivity. The low stretch of braid makes it a good choice for jigging with larger jigs in deeper water.

What color fishing line is best for walleye?

Unless you are fishing a finesse style bait like dropshot and need to visually see your line twitch when a walleye bites, don’t wear bright colors. The braid should be clear fluorocarbon and dark green.

What bait works best for walleye?

There is a live bait. Live bait can be very effective for walleye, and can be used in a variety of ways. It is possible to get the attention of the walleye by using a bottom-bouncing rig. leeches, minnows, and nightcrawlers are some of the best live bait to use.

Can walleye teeth cut line?

Is it possible for Walleye to bite through the line? As the teeth of the walleye are spread apart, they are not able to bite through the fishing line. This applies to braided mainline as well as fluorocarbon.

Will walleye bite you?

Is it possible that the walleye will bite you? It is possible to get bitten by a walleye if you put your hand in their mouth.

What size hooks for walleye?

Walleye are not as big as some people think. They are not the smallest of all of them. Medium-size fishing hooks are perfect for them because of this.

What time is best to catch walleye?

Walleye can be caught in early morning and late evening. Walleye hold tightly to shade when the sun is high in the sky. Walleye will move in shallow to eat baitfish that are close to the shore.

Does a Carolina rig work for walleye?

The Carolina rig is a classical rig that has been around for over 100 years. Since it’s one of the easiest rigs to set up, it’s a great choice if you are new to fishing.

What fishing line is better mono or fluorocarbon?

fluorocarbon is more resistant to the elements than monofilament. Over time, U.V. rays, rain and humidity, and extreme temperatures can cause monofilament to break down. Fluorocarbon is more resistant to these conditions over time.

What line do you use for jigging walleye?

A braided main line with a fluorocarbon leader is the best line for jigging. The lack of stretch on braided line allows you to feel the subtlest walleye bites, and it also helps to set the hook effectively.

Can walleye see colored fishing line?

“Colored line that’s easy to see is a lifesaver when jigging early season walleyes,” said Marty. It’s possible to tell if the bait is below the rodtip, which is where you want it to be for optimum control and to avoid pitfalls. The line should be in line with the surface.

What is the best color lure for walleye?

Four people were fishing on the boat with purple, black, white and gold lures. All of the lure colors were more attractive than the other one. In turbid water, gold was the best choice. The walleyes preferred the dark color of the water.

Why are walleyes so hard to catch?

It’s possible, but you’ll have to adjust your fishing locations and tactics due to the fact that walleye don’t feed actively during the harsh sunlight and they seek out deep water and shade to avoid it.

What is walleyes favorite food?

They like small fish and will eat many different types of arthropods. During the heat of summer, fishing should be done at sundown to midnight. You can use bait, spinnerbaits, spoons, crankbaits, jerkbaits, ice jigs and plastic worms. If you want to catch tasty fish, trolling is a good way to do it.

Is walleye a bottom feeder?

The fish that suspend over drop-offs in deep lakes should not be ignored. suspended fish are some of the best for summer fishing.

How do you catch walleye for beginners?

There are many ways to catch the fish. There are a lot of ways. Casting a jig-and-minnow is one of the most popular ways to fish with a bobber.

Will walleye bite during the day?

You just need to change your tactics and locations if you want to catch walleyes in any weather condition.

How do you target walleye?

Walleye lures such as crankbaits and soft plastics are used a lot. If you want to get your hands on some fish, you should start with live bait. If live bait isn’t readily available or you want to target trophies, then you should use lures.

How do you catch big walleye?

The Walleyes like the deeper water in the day and can sit as deep as 20 feet. A jig with a white twistertail is the best bait.

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