10 Best Rod For Jerkbaits

Lew’s KVD Series 6’8″-1 Med HVY Fast Jerkbait Casting Rod

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Lew’s Mach 6’8″-1 Medium IM7 Topwater/Jerkbait Casting Rod , White/Gray

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TP1 Black Speed Stick 6’8″ Med Mod/Fast Casting HM50 Topwater/Jerkbait Rod (TP1B68MF)

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Lew’s Fishing Custom Lite Speed Stick HM85 Casting LCLTWJB Rods

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Lew’s 6’10”-1 Med HVY Fast Jerkbait/Topwater Casting Rod , Maroon

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Lew’s Custom Speed Stick 6’7″-1 Jerkbait Special Casting Rod

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Lew’s Mach 2 Series 6’8″-1 IM8 Topwater/Jerkbait Casting Rod

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Lew’s Team Signature Series KVD Jerkbait 6’10”-1 Med HVY Casting Rod

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Daiwa Tatula Series Shallow Crank/Jerkbait/Light Topwater Rods

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Megabass Orochi XX 2018 Jerkbait Special 6’11 Medium/Fast Casting Rod

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What gear ratio is best for JerkBait?

The optimal reel for jerkbait fishing is one that has a gear ratio of more than 6. The speed reel has enough power to retrieve deeper diving jerkbaits, but not so much speed that it takes in line slack.

What rod should I use for crankbaits?

If you don’t have a cranking rod, a medium action rod or fiberglass rod that has enough power to cast the big lures and handle heavy fish is a good choice.

Are jerkbaits good in summer?

The South doesn’t pay much attention to jerkbaits, but they’re a staple for smallmouth all summer. We need to catch largemouth in the South because we don’t have fishing periods.

What is a 7.5 1 gear ratio good for?

When I’m fishing single-hook lures like a buzzbait, spinnerbait, bladed jigs and a frog, I like to use my 7.5:1 reel.

Who is the best jerkbait fisherman?

The model LKVDGC2 was designed by the best jerkbait fisherman on the planet, Van Dam. It is 10 inches in length and has a short handle.

Is a medium rod good for crankbaits?

Many people prefer Medium Heavy Fast to be used for shallow running square bills.

Is a medium action rod good for crankbaits?

The fish is less likely to throw the lure if you use a medium rod because it gives you the slight give you need to fight a fish. There are two things. When a fish darts into cover or under a boat, the softer action absorbs sudden increased tension in the line.

What baits is mono good for?

Mono is great for topwater bass fishing as it floats and keeps your topwater up and gives you the right action. It’s good for spinnerbaits and chatterbaits where you want the stretch to allow them to take the bait and not put too much pressure on your lure.

When should I throw a jerkbait?

The best conditions for throwing a jerkbait will be determined by the clarity of the water. You should use clear water under cloudy skies with a 5 to 10 mph wind.

Do jerkbaits work at night?

It’s similar to fishing during the day. It is possible to use crankbaits, jerkbaits and shaky heads to pull fish from around lights with more natural colors than you would expect.

What is a 6.2 1 gear ratio good for?

We use the speed range whenever we throw spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, shallow running and lipless crankbaits, early season swim jigs, vibrating jigs and swimbaits / umbrella rigs.

What gear ratio is best for flipping?

There are a number of new reels with ratios over 10. Good fortune and good fishing!

What gear ratio is best for chatterbait?

When it comes to chatterbaits, you should use gear ratios that are faster because they need a fast retrieve. People fishing chatterbaits have the best gear ratio between 7.3:1 and 8.1:1.

What rods does Jeff Sprague use?

There is no need to break the bank with a different rod for every technique. In this Major League Lesson, the Texas pro talks about how he uses a Lew’s squarebill/bladed jig rod for multiple applications throughout the year.

What is the difference between crankbait and jerkbait?

jerkbaits are long and slender, while the crankbaits are short and fat. crankbaits have two hooks, compared to three for jerkbaits. Square bills, diamond-shaped bills, and rounded bills are the most common types of bills used in jerkbaits and crankbaits.

What baits to use on a medium heavy rod?

Medium or medium- heavy action rods are a good choice for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and bladed jigs that are fished fast and generate “reaction” strikes.

How long should a crankbait rod be?

The length of the crankbait rods varies from 6 to 8 feet. Which is the best length for the job? It’s really up to you. The longer the fishing rod is, the more line it will pull to set the hook.

Can you use braid for spinnerbaits?

You will pull the lure from the fish. He recommends braided line with spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits for fishing around vegetation. The braided lines perform well with Carolina rigs because of their sensitivity.

What is a medium rod good for?

Medium and medium-fast rods can provide more casting distance and hooksetting power than shorter rods. These actions can be used for applications that involve treble hooks, such as crankbaits and topwater lures.

Are Lew’s rods any good?

It feels great to fish with and its asking price doesn’t break the bank. It’s a perfect rod to fill a lot of voids.

Is a jerkbait topwater?

The Spintail is a topwater bait that can be twitched 2 to 3 feet under the surface and will rise head first during the pause.

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