7 Best Slackline For Kids

Slackline Slackline Kit Slack Line Longer 57 ft Line with Training Line Tree Protectors Arm Trainer Ratchet Cover and Carry Bag Tight Rope Slack Lines for Backyard for Kids Children Adults

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Trailblaze – Complete Slackline Kit 60 Feet, Kids Beginners Slackline Set with Training Line, Ratchet Cover, Tree Protectors, Arm Trainer, Carry Bag, Box and Instruction Manual

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NINJACTIVE Ninja Obstacle Course for Kids with 4 Play Modes, 2 Slack Lines – 2×56’ Weatherproof Slackline Warrior Course with 12 Attachments Like Swing, Arm Trainer – Durable Outdoor Course

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Ninja Obstacle Course Deluxe – Ninja Kit with Most Complete Accessories for Kids, 2 Slacklines (65FT Double Slackline)

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Get Out! Slackline Beginner Kit for Kids and Adults – Classic Slackline with Training Line Complete Kit

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Perantlb Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids – Ninja Slackline 52′ with 11 Accessories for Kids, Includes Swing, Obstacle Net ,Rope Ladder,Slackline Gymnastic Bar, Become a Ninja Warrior

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hooroor Ninja Slackline Pulley with 52FT Zipline, Monkey Bar, Most Accessory for Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids&Adults Backyard, Outdoor Playset Jungle Gym

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What is the difference between a slackline and a ninja line?

A Ninja slack line has been modified to include a set of obstacles that children can navigate through while slacklining. A slack line set about a foot off the ground and a slack line set above the head are included in a Ninja slack line kit.

Can you put a swing on a slackline?

How do you attach the swing to the slack line? If you want to attach your swing to a tree, you’ll need a special swing strap that can be attached to a slackline. Attaching your Ninja swing is very easy if you choose to do so.

How much weight can a slackline hold?

What is the user’s weight? Depending on the type, our slacklines can be up to 6000 lbs. We don’t reccommend lines with more than one person at a time, and don’t exceed 250 lbs. The Independence Kits have a maximum user weight of over 200 lbs.

How do I build a slackline in my backyard?

The easiest way to get slacklining is by starting short, tight and low, according to a report. halving your 50-foot line if you need to, making sure it’s tight and level, and not putting it too high above the ground are all things that need to be done. You don’t have to walk right off the bat.

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