Can I Use My iPhone As A Stud Finder?

You will be able to detect metal objects with the app. The magnetometer can be used to measure the magnetic field of your phone.

Is there an app for a stud finder?

You can use the Walabot stud finder app on your phone. Either way, it’s 0 or higher.

Can a smartphone be used as a stud finder?

There are a number of scanning modes in the app. You can take a quick pass to get a general idea of what’s behind the wall, and then look for pipes and wires more closely. The distance between objects behind the wall and zero in on the centerline of the studs can be measured with the app.

How do I find studs in my iPhone wall?

Place the back of the phone against a wall and slowly move it around until it chirps or blinks, indicating it has found a metal stud. Users should be patient if they are looking for a nail or screw.

Is there a Walabot for iPhone?

The Walabot domiciliary 2 can now be used with both phones and tablets. Domestic do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors who want a window into their walls to take the guesswork and potential health and safety issues out of drilling can use the wall scanning device with their phones.

Why can’t I find studs in my wall?

If you can’t find the stud even after drilling, there’s a way to fashion it into a right angle by grabbing a wire hanger and untwisting it. If you have a new tool, use it to fish behind the wall. If the wire makes contact with a firm object, it means you have found a stud.

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