Can You Use Sleeve In A Sentence?

There is an example of a sleeve sentence. She held on to his sleeve as he turned away. He looked at his watch while lifting his sleeve. She was pushing her sleeve up to see the band.

What is a sentence for sleeve?

The tears were brushed away by him. His elbow was poking out through his shirtsleeve. A boy plucked at a man. She tried to get his attention by tugging on his sleeve.

Can sleeve be used as a verb?

When used with an object, sleeved, sleeving is what it means. To fit with a sleeve by joining or fastening it.

What is the use of sleeve?

sleeves are used to cover and protect the arms and shoulders, keeping them out of the sun or providing a level of warmth. Different styles of sleeves add to a garment’s silhouette and style by creating movement and structure to the piece.

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How do you use garment in a sentence?

An example of a sentence. The length of the garment ranged from short to long. She wore jeans and tennis shoes as she left the house. She was interested in the bag.

What part of speech is sleeve?

The wordsleeve can be either a word or a phrase. I don’t use the sleeves on my coat. The shaft will fit snug if the bearing is not used.

What is the adjective of sleeve?

An item of clothing has long or short sleeves if it is added to an ective like ‘long’ and’short’.

Why do you sleeve a block?

The engines are sleeved for a few reasons. The main reason for sleeving an engine is to protect it from damage in the first place. If a cylinder has to be “bored out” to repair a cracked or damaged engine, sleeves can be used to restore a specific bore size.

Is long sleeve one word?

The correct term is a long sleeve shirt. It is possible that this is one of the words that has more than one correct spelling. I was given a Cambridge Dictionary reference for long-sleeved in the comments.

What are Juliet sleeves?

The Juliet sleeve has a picture of a girl on it. A long, tight sleeve with a puff at the top, inspired by fashions of the Italian Renaissance and named after Shakespeare’s tragic hero, was popular from the Empire period through the 1820s in fashion, again in the late 1960s under the influence of Zeffirelli.

Why do athletes wear sleeves?

Compression sleeves draw heat away from the skin and also draw water away from it. In the process, the athlete’s body temperature is reduced, which will relieve pressure on the athlete’s metabolism and conserve energy.

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What is the sentence of bottom?

We got to the bottom of the mountain. She fell into the swimming pool. “I fell down the hill,” he said. She put newspapers at the bottom of the bird cage.

Is sleeve a countable noun?

A sleeve is the part of a shirt that does not cover the arm. The sleeves on my shirt are too long for me.

What does sleeved out mean?

When the entire arm from the shoulder to the wrist is covered in tattoos, that person is known to be sleeved out, which is a reference to the size of the tattoo being similar to a shirt sleeve.

What are the sleeves of pants called?

A cuff is a layer of fabric at the lower edge of a garment’s sleeve.

What is the meaning of shingled hair?

The Shingling Method is something that I don’t know. Shingling is a styling technique where you apply a curly hair product, like acurl cream, hair gel, or leave in conditioner, through each curl to separate and smooth it into a bouncy coil. Shingling requires a lot of attention to detail.

What is a piston skirt?

The cylindrical walls of a piston are referred to as thepiston skirt. The surface of the skirt is rough during manufacturing to help retain lubrication. The mixture goes up and around the skirt to get to the top ring.

What is a wet sleeve?

A cylinder liner is exposed to more than 70% of its surface.

How do you write long sleeves?

The form of the phrasal adjective is long-sleeved. There is a difference between a long sleeve shirt and a sleeved shirt.

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What is long sleeved?

A sleeve extends from the shoulder to the wrist.

What are 3/4 sleeves called?

A sleeve that ends in the middle of the lower arm is called a 1/3-length sleeve. Three quarters of the arm is covered by them. The sleeves are shorter than full-sleeves.

How do you wear arm sleeves?

To get the sleeve into the position you want it to be, you pull it on and smooth it out against your skin. Compression sleeves are similar to socks in that they encourage blood flow back to the heart.