How Does Case When Work In Sql?

How does CASE work in SQL?

If the first condition is met, the CASE statement will return a value. The result will be returned once a condition is true. The value of the ELSE clause is returned if there are no conditions.

What is a CASE when?

The case when is used to find out if a statement is true or false. The beginning of the conditions is declared by the case. The condition is declared by when. The return of a true condition is declared after that.

Where does CASE when go in SQL?

The case statement is used in the SELECT clause. When, then, and end are components that must be included in a case. It is possible to have ELSE as an optional component. Any operator between when and then can be used to make a statement.

What is the difference between CASE and if in SQL?

The difference is not a lot different. If you’re trying to evaluate something to a true condition, you should use the IF statement. The case statement can be used when there are more than one possible condition.

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