How Many Gas X Can I Take?

The dose can be as low as 40 to 125 grams four times a day, after meals, or as high as 150 grams three times a day, after meals. In 24 hours, the dose should be no more than 500. The doctor must make the determination ofDose for children.

How many Gas-X pills can i take at once?

How many can I take in a day? Adults and children over the age of 12 years are not allowed to exceed 2 softgels in 24 hours unless they are advised by a doctor.

Can I take more than 4 Gas-X in a day?

Adults and teenagers get theirual dose four times a day, after meals and at the end of the night. In 24 hours, the dose should be no more than 500.

Is there such thing as too much Gas-X?

The maximum amount for adults is 500 milligrams a day. If your condition keeps getting worse, or if you think you have a serious medical problem, seek immediate medical attention.

Can I take 3 Gas-X tablets?

Adults and children need to chew after meals and at night. Only under the advice and guidance of a physician can you exceed 4 tablets in a 24 hour period.

Is it possible to overdose on simethicone?

In pregnancy and breastfeeding, Simethicone is safe because it is not absorbed by the body. There is no treatment for an overdose of Simethicone.

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What side do you lay on for gas?

I don’t know what position to lie in to get rid of gas. Your point of view. Lying on your side with your knees bent is a good way to release gas. Pull your knees close to your chest if you don’t feel better after a while.

How does gas feel in your chest?

It can feel like jabbing pains or a general tightness in the chest when you have gas in it. Belching is one of the symptoms.