How Much Cords Can You Get?

How many cords make a Rick?

A rick is 1/3 of a cord if the logs are cut 16 inches long and are stacked 4 feet high. The rick would equal the length of the logs.

How many bundles are in a cord?

2 feet high and 4 feet long are the dimensions of the face cord. Our kiln-dried wood can be purchased in 0.75 square foot bundles. A face cord is equal to 12 bundles, a 1/2 face cord is 24 bundles, and a face cord is 48 bundles.

How many cord do I have?

A cord is what it’s called. There are different ways to measure firewood, but a true cord of wood is 128 square feet. Divide the width, height, and length of the wood by 128 to calculate the cord. That will tell you how many cords are in your possession.

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