How To Build An Articulating Arm?

What is articulating arm?

The Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm can be used to position a tablet, small monitors, camera, light, flash, or many other accessories in the best possible position.

How can I turn my desk into a standing desk?

The desk can be placed on top of a coffee table that is roughly the same size as it is. It’s possible to raise the height of your desk from one to two feet, but you’ll need to raise the monitor’s height.

Can you mount a camera to a VESA mount?

You can use standard 75x75mm and 100x 100mm hole patterns to secure your camera to a VESA monitor. With your camera firmly in place, you can get the overhead shots you want.

How far away should you sit from a webcam?

It is a good idea to keep a good distance from yourWebcam. If you are too close, your face will look big and distorted. Too far away from the camera will make you appear small and will make it hard for viewers to see and hear.

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