Is Pet Safe Salt Worth It?

Is pet friendly salt necessary?

Salt can be considered a deadly toxin if it is eaten in decent amounts. Common sense tells you not to let your dog get out of the bag. If it’s in a large amount, it can be a problem for paws.

What is the difference between pet safe salt and regular salt?

There is a difference between “regular salt” and “pet friendly salt”. The answer is in what you put in it. The ingredients are what make up it.

Is pet Friendly ice melt necessary?

Proper use of an ice melter involves shoveling snow, using a limited amount of product to break the surface tension of the ice and the pavement, and then shoveling off the ice and slush. Most people use ice melters in a different way.

How safe is pet safe salt?

Morton Safe-T-Pet is a safer option for your pets. It’s formula is free of both salts and chlorides, which will keep your pets safer during the winter.

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