What Does Ps Mean Urban Dictionary?

What does PS mean in slang?

“PS” is a Latin phrase that means “after text”. The words “PS” and “P.S.” are correct.

What are PS in rap?

One of the biggest stars in hip hop who released his newest album this month is called Pushin’ P. Keeping it real is what the P in Pushin’ P is meant to mean.

How do you use PS in text?

PS can be used to add something to the main body of any correspondence. This can include letters and emails. The letters PS should be placed below the signature line. Next, put the text next to the PS.

What is PS example?

An addition to a letter is called postscript. If a person forgets to include something in the body after signing a letter, he writes a new one.

What does minding Ps and Qs mean?

Their grandmother told the children to mind their p’s and q’s when they were younger.

What does PS adds mean on Snapchat?

“Postscript” is the most common definition for PS on social media.

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What does PS mean in social media?

It was published and it was followed. Postscript, abbreviated to P.S., can be found in email marketing, but it’s rare to see it in social media posts. This is a great hack for social media success.

What is PS I love you means?

There is a PS at the end of the letter. The letter’s postscript is “I love you”. To express how much a person loves a letter or note they are writing.

How do you reply to PS?

It is possible to add a post-postscript after your first PS. It’s a good idea to make sure that if you’re doing it in an email, it’s for effect or for humor, since you could easily insert the information you’ve forgotten in the body.

Is it PS or PS or PS?

If you read it as the abbreviation of two Latin words, it should be written with two full stops: “P.S.”, but some dictionaries suggest that PS is the abbreviation of postscript and therefore no full stop is required.

What are QS drugs?

There is a Latin term for the amount which is enough. The term quantum sufficit “as much as is sufficient” was used in medicine and pharmacology to describe a quantity specification.

What does watch your six mean?

The phrase ‘watch your six’ is meant to watch your back. The six-position is at your back if you think of a clock face with the 12 position being forward. The most vulnerable position is six.

What does it mean to ride the high horse?

Being on a high horse means acting in a haughty fashion. The phrase “Get off your high horse” is related to the idea that the listener should stop acting arrogantly.

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