Which Otterbox Case Do I Have?

The best case to protect from dust and debris is the Otterbox Pursuit. The lightning port has a tight fitting plug and the camera cutouts are covered in foam to keep dust out of the case. The screen is kept off the flat surface by the high edges of the case.

What is OtterBox prefix series?

The Prefix Series is an ultra-thin, resilient case that protects your phone from drops and scratches. The form is made for your phone and it has soft touch edges. The case is easy to install on your phone and it slides into and out of your pockets.

What is the difference between Defender and Commuter OtterBox?

The main difference between the two is that Commuter is low-priced and has a double layer of protection against smudges and scratches, while the high-priced Otterbox Defender has a strong and sharp defender edge.

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How do you tell if you have a fake Otterbox?

packaging outside and written materials inside are included in the price of the product. The incomplete product is likely to be a fake if the packaging is damaged, faded, sloppy, or has misspellings.

Whats the difference between Otterbox cases?

There are two different types of case for the otterbox. Rugged protection is the top priority of the one that focuses more on a stylish aesthetic and sleeker look.

Are Otter boxes made in China?

The otterbox is made in a number of countries. Do you know if a Otterbox case comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty or not? Their headquarters is in CO USA.

Can you sell otterbox on eBay?

This isn’t allowed. We don’t allow our logos or other images to be used in eBay deals, and we don’t allow our resellers to sell on eBay.

Does the Otterbox Commuter protect the screen?

The Commuter and Defenders are the only cases that have screen protectors. The Commuter case has a sticky screen protectors built in.

Is the OtterBox symmetry or prefix better?

The way to get there is with the Prefix Series Case. Compared to the Symmetry Series, this case has better grip, slimmer yet protective profile, and functioning “clicky” buttons.

Is OtterBox prefix protective?

The new series can be used by those who prefer a sleek look and feel. The Prefix Series consists of a dual-material, unibody construction that delivers a soft-touch feel with the inner strength needed to keep the phone safe from damage.

Which is better symmetry or commuter?

The Commuter case protects your phone more effectively than the other one. There are two layers of protection in this combo case. The layers work together to protect themselves from impacts and sharp objects.

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Which is better Commuter or Defender?

The Commuter series does not provide as much protection as the Defender series. The Defender series provides better protection than most other cases.

Is OtterBox Commuter thinner than defender?

The Commuter is less bulky and slimmer than the Defender because it does not have a screen protectors. It’s easy to fit in your hand or pocket, and it makes for a more slender and graceful looking phone.

What are Otter boxes made of?

Otterbox phone cases are made from hard plastic and rubber and designed to protect vulnerable components of a phone.

What is difference between Otterbox Symmetry and defender?

The highest level of protection can be found in the most rugged case they have. The Otterbox Symmetry cases have a slimmer and more stylish design than the other ones. Which type of phone case is the best?

Are all OtterBox Cases Drop proof?

The OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection seal of approval can be found in a variety of cases, all of which are built to meet the needs of different users.

Who owns otterbox?

This privacy policy is applicable to otterbox.com, which is operated by Otter.

How long does it take for an Otterbox to arrive?

If the item is in stock, you should get your shipment within 5 to 10 business days. If you purchase an item that isn’t currently in stock, you won’t be able to get it shipped.

What is OtterBox symmetry case?

Symmetry Series is a protective case for the iPhone X. It has a one-piece design that protects your phone from drops, bumps and scratches.

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Does Otterbox Symmetry protect from drops?

That stuff is very impressive. The Symmetry Series cases are made from synthetic rubber and polycarbonate and feature a screen bumper that is slightly raised to help protect the screen if you drop it.